The Plymouth Food Charter

Good food is vital to the quality of peoples’ lives in Plymouth. By promoting healthy and sustainable food as part of a thriving food economy, the Plymouth Food Charter aims to improve health and wellbeing for all and to create a more connected, resilient and sustainable City. Signatories to the Charter – which include public, private and community partners – are committed to promoting the pleasure and importance of good food to help create a vibrant and diverse food culture. We will work together to increase both the demand and supply of delicious and affordable, fresh, seasonal, local and organic food throughout Plymouth in order to achieve:
  • A thriving local economy
  •     Encouraging a greater number and diversity of food enterprises and jobs, making the most of Plymouth’s rich land and sea resources.
  •     Sourcing healthy and sustainable food from local producers and suppliers, keeping value within the local economy.
  • Health and wellbeing for all
  •     Raising awareness of the importance of a nutritious, balanced diet and improving the availability of affordable healthy food.
  •     Providing a wide range of community growing and other food-related activities to improve physical and mental health for people of all ages
  • Resilient, close-knit communities
  •     Promoting and celebrating the food and culinary traditions of all cultures  through a variety of public events, such as Plymouth’s Flavourfest.
  •     Supporting local and city-wide food  initiatives that bring communities  together and help them to improve their neighbourhoods.

    Plymouth Hoe

    Plymouth Hoe (Photo credit: Arcturus Aldebaran)

  • Life long learning & skills
  •     Giving everyone the opportunity to learn about good food – how to grow it, how to cook it, how to eat it and how to enjoy it.
  •     Inspiring and enabling organisations such as schools, hospitals,  businesses and other caterers to transform their food culture.
  • A reduced eco-footprint
  •     Supporting food production that protects wildlife and nature; reducing food miles, packaging and waste; and increasing composting and recycling.
  •     Maximising the use of greenspace and brownfield sites in and around Plymouth to produce food for local people.

More info HERE

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