Workshop “Evidence on European Land Use”

A map of land use in Europe. Yellow: cropland ...

A map of land use in Europe. Yellow: cropland and arable, light green: grassland and pasture, dark green: forest, light brown: tundra or bogs, unshaded areas: other (including towns and cities). Underlying map is a terrain map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Land Use and Land Use Change in Europe used to be mainly addressed from a thematic perspective. However, land-use characteristics are becoming increasingly multi-functional, crossing not only sectors but also administrative boundaries. This leads to an increasing demand for background information and institutional and administrative structures.
Following this demand the ESPON 2013 Programme started a project on European Land Use Patterns: EU-LUPA. In cooperation with this project a workshop was organized in order to shed some light on the various aspects related to Land Use and Land Cover in Europe and to bring together some important players in this field.
AimThe aim of the workshop was to share experiences, to transfer knowledge and to contribute to the debate on Land Use in Europe and ways in which its assessment can be approached. This facilitated a pan-European discussion and enabled the EU-LUPA project to present their perspective and progress, and discuss the validity of their results achieved so far.


Source: ESPON – Click here for more info




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