Food for Bristol

This report builds on findings in the Bristol Peak Oil report and explores the strengths and vulnerabilities in the current food system that serves Bristol and the city region in more detail. The report is primarily a descriptive baseline study of the main elements of the food system with an analysis of its resilience. It looks at the ‘positive powers’ cities may have in relation to their food systems and it makes suggestions for action. The work of researching and preparing the “who Feeds Bristol” report was commissioned and funded by NHS Bristol and undertaken by Joy Carey, an independent food systems planner and researcher. The document was published in March 2011.Feeding Bristol successfully in the future will depend on the planning that is taking place right now. The future effects of climate change and of peak oil mean that we need to develop innovation in the production, distribution and consumption of food within our local communities. This is a necessity to ensure healthy, sustainably produced food is available to everyone. On 10 March 2010, the Bristol Partnership held a conference at Bristol City Council to discuss elements of these issues and talk about local food projects. Supporting the move towards a more sustainable, healthy city Bristol City Council has an internal Food Interest group that meets quarterly. Membership represents the services in the council that regulate, procure, provide, allocate space for and dispose of food.

If you want to know more about this initiative, please visit Bristol homepage


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