How To Create A Local Food Economy – Grow Your Own Food

As fuel prices increase and the economy crashes, it is going to become more and more important (vital, actually) to become self-sufficient. When gas goes up, everything goes up. Unemployment is still on the rise, and those who have jobs are not seeing raises in line with the escalating cost of living. Our budgets are going to be strained further than they already are.Food prices have risen as much as 40% in the last year, and projections are for further increases over the next few years. Here’s why.
  •     The agricultural industry depends on fossil fuels to produce and transport food. Fuel goes up, food goes up.
  •     Unstable climate and severe weather make it hard for farmers to plan. Crops have been wiped out completely by extreme weather. Supply goes down, price goes up.
  •     Warmer temperatures make growing familiar crops difficult, too. Farmers are in flux. Again, this is crop loss, driving prices up.
  •     Foods, such as corn, are used for biofuels. It’s supply and demand again.
The number of people on food stamps and/or taking advantage of soup kitchens and church pantries keeps increasing as the economy deteriorates. Food stamp recipients are also having their benefits cut, sometimes slashed, which strains a family already in need.

Small farms are more protected from the problems of industrial agriculture, but they do experience cost increases in supplies and fuel as well as unusual weather. Because they sell locally, though, their expenses aren’t as high, and their prices are more stable. 


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