Agro-Housing, a modern housing concept with a vertical greenhouse

Elevation; Courtesy of Knafo Klimor Architects

Designers from Israel based Knafo Klimor Architects, David Knafo and Tagit Klimor, have come up with the Agro-Housing that is a prefab concept. This modern housing solution will unfurl sustainable urban communities that will skillfully address problems that crop up due to chaotic urbanization. The proposed concept will be located in Wuhan, China, which will support the ever-growing population.

Agro-Housing, as is suggestive from the name, will not only be a housing unit but will also let people grow their own food according to their requirements. This will help bring urban agriculture and housing on the same platform. The design comprises of multi story greenhouses that will be situated in the middle of the building, where people can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices. A system will collect rainwater as well as gray water from apartments, which will be used to irrigate plants. The presence of soil less systems will be well equipped with drip irrigation to keep the plants in a healthy state.

Since vegetables and fruits will be grown by individuals/families, these are likely to be free from harmful chemicals and fertilizers. This will also save transportation costs and cut down pollution levels, as families grow their own organic produce. The eco friendly housing solution also features solar heating and cooling. Temperatures will be further regulated because of the presence of a geothermal system that will efficiently use the underground water table. Agro-Housing vows to give greater freedom and better health while infusing a sense of sustainable living amongst people all across the globe.

Source : archdaily


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