Interreg IVC Project LOCFOOD : Local Food as an Engine for Local Business

abundant harvest-local apples

abundant harvest-local apples (Photo credit: lmainjohnson7)

The entrepreneurs may have great knowledge about their product and the production phase, but lack of knowledge on businesses development, how to handle growth, cooperation, logistics, market knowledge etc. Other challenges are low profitability, small scale production and how to strengthen the regional advantages and uniqueness. An overall theme in sparsely populated areas is further depopulation.

The local food sector SMEs have a great potential of playing an important role in creating jobs and opportunities in rural areas. The local food represents a tool to develop new business opportunities and products, also promoting a higher degree of local pride and identity and providing secure jobs and economic growth. Starting from the awareness of the Regional and local authorities role in improving regional and local policies and considering the range of SMEs in the local food sector and the challenges encountered by small producers, regional strategies are of utmost importance to increase their competitiveness and success, LOCFOOD aims at fulfilling the need of experience exchanging and best practice sharing among policy makers to further develop common policies and strategies.

LOCFOOD goals are improving the existing policies and regional strategies for both SMEs and entrepreneurship in the local food sector, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovative actions concerning the use of local food.

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