Inside The Company That’s Producing The Most Realistic Fake Eggs You’ll Ever Taste


Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you eat processed food and you’re not a vegan, a decent portion of your diet probably comes from factory-farmed eggs. Sure, you may stick to cage-free eggs when you’re cooking omelets, but 95% of eggs in the U.S. come from battery-caged facilities where birds are packed body to body in impossibly small spaces. This is not entirely the reason behind the existence of Hampton Creek, a San Francisco startup that makes a plant-based egg substitute so believable that it’s about to sign two deals with Fortune 500 food companies that want to use the stuff in sauces and dressings.
When I step into Hampton Creek’s airy warehouse space, I’m greeted by a dog, a couch, and a handful of researchers hard at work on refining the company’s products–in this case, that means they’re doing everything from making cole slaw to mixing up mayonnaise. CEO Josh Tetrick sits me down to tell me the story behind why the company is honing in on the egg market. It’s not an appeal to vegans–though of course, they’re welcome to eat Beyond Eggs products, too.

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