Avilés Gastronomy recognized

El Estanco - Avilés

Avilés Gastronomy has been recognized internationally, both at the Gastronautas magazine as well as The Times, in an article written by Louise Roddon: “In Avilés, as in all of Asturias, cider is very much a way of life and there are sidreria rituals—pouring from a great height to let it breathe, drinking in one gulp, and saving a mouthful for the floor—that you’re expected to observe. It is all very charming in a thigh-slapping way, thought I confess I’m not madly keen on the taste. But I do love Tierra Astur, this ancient cider house where a labyrinth of stone vaults shelters enormous sliced barrels that double as private drinking dens. The look is a perfect reflection of Aviles it-self—its intact medieval and Baroque core spangled with cobbled alleys and stone-pillared arcades.”

You can read the complete article Aviles The Times.

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