New Sustainable Food Publication on Ways to Distribute, Share and Procure Local Food inside the City

Agricultura ecológica directa al consumidor

New thematic report “Delivering” within the framework of the URBACT project “Sustainable Food in Urban Communities” explores ways to distribute, share and procure local food inside the city. There are considered more sustainable and less carbon intensive delivery systems giving efficient opportunities to local production, enabling direct links between supply and demand for sustainable food, facilitating the transition of existing distribution market actors towards greater sustainability and lower carbon intensity, stimulating the emergence of new ones (e.g. food businesses, retail, etc.) and other local initiatives (e.g. markets, purchasing groups, network s, transparency in food chain, etc.)
Picture above : Central Market, Riga Latvia by To Uncertainty And Beyond, on Flickr)

Three Cross-Cutting Issues

Three cross-cutting issues are addressed:

  1. Governance, synergies & local system: how can we multiple promising food delivering practices, develop synergies, increase resilience and generate the vision of a coherent local food system.
  2. Social Inclusion, jobs & economics: how can we leverage on sustainable food transition to reduce food poverty, foster (re)engagement with food, support inclusion of marginalised and underprivileged population groups and enhance cohesion between communities. How can we consolidate promising food practices, transform them into sustainable businesses and upscale sustainable food initiatives to reach a larger share of the population.
  3. CO2 & resource efficiency: how can we check and improve promising food practices in order to reduce emissions and impact on resources and energy.

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