Being the Atlantic City of the Year. A City Award? What for?

Working on city branding initiatives and finding this great opportunity for Atlantic cities!

Atlantic Arc Cities

Brest Métrople Océane, Atlantic City of the Year Brest Métrople Océane, Atlantic City of the Year

Tamara Guirao Espiñeira, CAAC Coordinator

Fourth months ago, CAAC opened the second edition of the contest “Atlantic City of the Year”. This award intends to recognize the efforts of the cities located in South-Western Europe towards excellence with a transnational prize.

It is not a strictly “honorary” prize and that because:

  1. – If it is not a member, the winning city will be invited to join CAAC the following year
  2. – The year in question (in this case 2015), the awarded will count on the technical and communication services of CAAC more intensely than any other member.
  3. – It encourages policy-makers, civil society and citizens to continue working for a sustainable urban policy in all three dimensions, making for the lower moments.
  4. – Feeds communication, publicity and reach. The press release announcing the election of Brest Métropole Ocèane as Atlantic City…

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