Waste not, want not


A Portuguese company has been recognised for its waste management software – an example of how modern technology can make environmental services more efficient.

Compta Emerging Business, headquartered in historic Évora in southern-central Portugal, received in September a Green Projects Award Portugal for the best technological solution in the areas of environment and sustainable development for its EZWaste software. EZWaste is one of a number of software packages (others include Wastedge and WRATE) that promise environmental benefits through the optimisation of waste collection.

Using EZWaste, coupled with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and GPS technology, municipalities and waste management companies can identify the most efficient waste collection routes, make sorting of waste more systematic, trace waste loads from collection to recycling or disposal, and can have better control over the waste disposal process. Waste can be more clearly identified and categorised, and traced through the waste management system, so that, for example, recyclable waste does not end up being needlessly landfilled.

source: europa.eu