A Coruña: el X Concurso de Tapas Picadillo

English: Obelisk of Corunna Español: Obelisco ...

El próximo viernes, 13 de septiembre, la ciudad de A Coruña inicia la nueva edición del Concurso de Tapas Picadillo, que se celebrará hasta el próximo 29 de septiembre.

En esta ocasión, celebra sus 10 años con un total de 52 locales participantes que presentarán 69 tapas, 42 tradicionales y 27 creativas. Competirán por conseguir el premio a la mejor tapa tradicional, la mejor creativa y el premio Ciudad de A Coruña, este último otorgado por el público que con su votación, además , podrá optar a diversos premios.

Más información:  galicia10.com

Green Paper on promoting the tastes of Europe


Agriculture (Photo credit: thegreenpages)

The European Commission has today launched a debate on the future of promotion and information schemes for EU agricultural products. With the publication of a Green Paper on these issues, the Commission is looking at how to shape a more targeted and more ambitious strategy for the future, which will make clearer to consumers – both in the EU and beyond – the quality, traditions and added-value of European agricultural and food products.
Presenting the Green Paper in Brussels today, EU Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development Dacian Cioloș stated: “To protect the health of our consumers farmers in Europe face stricter rules on food safety, environmental conditions, and animal welfare than their competitors elsewhere in the world. The European agriculture industry needs an ambitious and effective promotion policy which highlights the added-value of the sector. It is also important for European jobs and growth that the EU agri-food sector can improve its position on traditional and emerging markets. We therefore need to consider how best to adapt our schemes to support this goal.”
The paper raises a series of multi-faceted questions and invites all stakeholders – consumers, producers, distributors and official authorities – to give their comments and suggestions by September 30, 2011. On the basis of these responses, the Commission will draft a Communication for publication next year, which should then lead to legislative proposals.
The Green Paper is divided into four sections – the European added-value of this policy; objectives and measures to use on the internal EU market, including on local and regional markets; objectives and measures to use on world markets; and broader questions on the content and management of the policy. The various questions raised, 16 in all, contain different aspects and suggestions, aimed at stimulating responses. For example, they ask about the specific needs for information and promotion, both on the EU market and the external market, and what priorities should be set. There is also a question about multi-country programmes, and what can be done to encourage programmes with a greater European dimension.

Source: European Union

For more information, and to participate in the consultation, see the following site: